Monday, November 19, 2007

What's in the Water in Boston?

Two words: Boston Celtics.

In the off-season, this team has gone from the laughing stock of the NBA to a team with legitimate playoff potential. Last season, the Celtics finished with a record of 24-58, which made them the 29th-best team in the league. (Remember, there are only 30 teams in the NBA).

This year, the Celtics are off to an impressive 8-1 record, and their only loss came on Sunday in a 102-104 heartbreaker against the Magic.

What changed?

The Big Three. Ray Allen. Kevin Garnett. Paul Pierce.

Going into Sunday's game, each of these guys was averaging at least 20 points a game. Since the off-season, Boston has dominated NBA news, as everyone was waiting to see if these three guys could turn around the pitiful team.

So far, so good. Die-hard Boston fans are having flashbacks to the days of Larry Bird, and fence-riding NBA fans are quickly jumping on the Celtics bandwagon. It's amazing what a few good trades and a lot of press can do for an organization. Media outlets are making sure to keep fans updated on the latest Celtics news, and it's now cool again to sport a Boston Celtics jersey, even in public!

Great job, Boston. Your Big Three have sustained interest from fans around the country, and your ticket and merchandise sales are riding the wave of success right along with it. Now you finally have an NBA program that can compete with all the other remarkable athletic achievements going on in your state this year. Way to go, Celtics!

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