Monday, November 12, 2007

Will Someone Please Help the Vikings?

We all make mistakes. Unfortunately for the Minnesota Vikings, they have made quite a few mistakes recently. If this team isn't a walking PR nightmare, then I don't know what one would look like.

According to ESPN, the Vikings fined wide receiver Troy Williamson one entire game check ($25,588.00) last week for missing the game against the Chargers to attend his grandmother's funeral. Williamson's grandmother raised him, and he was largely responsible for organizing the funeral arrangements.

Originally, the Vikings justified the fine by claiming that it represented a violation of the team's business principles. But, when your team is still dealing with image ramifications stemming from the all-too-infamous LOVE BOAT ordeal, should you really be punishing a family-oriented player who shines of everything respectable that the Love Boat players lacked?

After everyone in the media attacked the Vikings for their treatment of Williamson, the Vikings reversed their decision and decided to give Williamson his game check back. Being the upstanding individual that he is, Williamson has said that he will donate the money to a charity, in honor of his grandmother.

In response to the change of heart, Vikings coach Brad Childress told ESPN: "I think the important thing is everybody grieves differently. That's the thing that I learned, or we learned, in this. In the end, it's not important to be right, but to get it right." Well, Vikings, you still haven't gotten it right. This debacle caused more negative buzz about your team. You'd think the Love Boat incident would have taught you something. Sure, you tried to take a stand against player behavior. Too bad you ended up looking like an ignorant, heartless organization instead.

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